Ana Fuente (México)

I thought about my name and it felt wrong, so let me start by mentioning stars. You´ve heard all those quotes that mention their beauty, their amazing but selfish job and their incredible commitment of belonging. So many, so little yet so surprisingly big, so I guess that is basically what I like, to pretend I am part of something that is a million times bigger than myself. A piece of art, a perfect combination of words, the most peaceful arrange of sounds and a soft cup of tea have been my life since I will like to remember, so I guess the rest is just another story. I think my way to much more than I should, and well in my writings are some random thoughts of mine. Finally my name is Ana Fuente, and know it felt good to think about that.

  • Literary style: Poetry
  • Read new texts: On Sundays every two weeks.
  • In this community since: The beggining of everything
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