About you..

It was never about the moment. It was always about the ones after that. The feeling when we’d end our day and go our separate ways. The way i missed you with every step, when barely you even turned around. The way your touch still lingered on me., the way i smelled of your cologne….


If  i could be anything other than me, I’d be your heartbeat..   By Anjum Choudhary Read more texts by this author


Crave the kind of love where you feel the need, the want, in your bones. Beneath all that flesh. Between the ribs, rushing in your veins; pumping trough the vaults of your heart, pounding in your chest, throbbing in your brain. Crave the kind of love that ignites a spark in dead eyes yet calms…

Today’s Thoughts..

To all the women out there: “You are strong, you are brave, you are fighter don’t look for anything as hope or trust, not from anyone for anything, keep going and walk for self, someday someone will automatically enter in your life who will be anonymous to you, but your heart will find him after…

A lovely afternoon that turned into hell at 5:30pm

He was sitting on a bench in the street, in his hand there was a book, heavy with thousands of words and heavy like the traffic of thoughts he had in his mind. The morbid traffic was there to stay. He had no hurry. He was just looking. He saw hundreds of cars, and inside…