Tales of the unknown

Yet the curiosity prevails,
and we diffuse in
with time..


Photo Writing.

“The silhouette of a boy sitting alone on the bench, Thinking why being lonely, feeling sad, believing no one is there for him, “He doesn’t know” that someone is there who is looking to him and will be taking care until someone take him to their life. Moral: Adopt Children, To give them a new…

What it did to me

The scent we hold with both hands, pages full of possibilities, yet so much impossibilities at the same time, the thought of having so much to lose. thoughts that…

Musical prompts 1: The Pugilist

Pugilist: [pyoo-juh-list] A person who fights with the fists; a boxer, usually a professional. I’ve fallen, deep into something I can’t quite call love, for it could lead to misunderstandings, romance as the top of mind in most heads, but love has many forms, and there is this one, that still makes my skin turn…