I know ..

find the light
in all that darkness
in all that pain 


When the soul has had enough

Remember there is only so much we can do
for someone..

About you..

It was never about the moment. It was always about the ones after that. The feeling when we’d end our day and go our separate ways. The way i missed you with every step, when barely you even turned around. The way your touch still lingered on me., the way i smelled of your cologne….


If  i could be anything other than me, I’d be your heartbeat..   By Anjum Choudhary Read more texts by this author


Crave the kind of love where you feel the need, the want, in your bones. Beneath all that flesh. Between the ribs, rushing in your veins; pumping trough the vaults of your heart, pounding in your chest, throbbing in your brain. Crave the kind of love that ignites a spark in dead eyes yet calms…

Its not as dark as you think…

Not everything is rosy in life, not always ‘it’s okay’ works .. Not everytime ‘let’s move on’ have the same impact .. It’s not that easy .. Everyone is different and everything takes time .. No emotion will leave until it completes its phase, it’s time within us .. We can’t move on to next…

Just a reminder

You are important .. you are worth everything .. worth every effort .. you are worth all the love .. respect .. trust .. faith .. and so much more .  You should let people in your life only if they want you to be in theirs, walk away and don’t feel guilty at all…

Not today…

There are days when you don’t have to be so strong.
And no you don’t have to fake it either..
Just like the rest, you too can let the guard down…

Human Black-hole

I have so much in me that is invisible to this world. I may look dark, hollow, filled with nothing, feeling nothing. I may look meaningless and at times – empty. A non-entity or merely a theory. But… I am much more, much more than all the words ever existing can describe. I hold never-ending…


Feel this world more, in ways you’ve never imagined. With all it’s consequences and judgements. Open up your curious minds to the secret of the unknown. The horizon at the end of this universe is just a mirage !!   By Anjum Choudhary Read more texts by this author