I wish.

I wish people enjoy poetry as much as hypocrisy. I wish they created art rather than wars. I wish hey discuss atoms, aliens, sex, science, music instead of rating each other by ethnicity, religion and nationality. I wish they had a twisted mind who speak with emotion and kindness, not with hate and blindness.  …


I promised myself to never get attracted  to anyone or anything  but the ocean then i met you  and you grow  waves in the  calmest part  of my skin. By Rim Zeiny Read more texts by this author


I never knew where I belonged. People were saying you belong to the country where you came from. They would say home is the only place that make you feel free. First time I felt free, I was in a house in Malaysia. I wake up surrounded by people that don’t know my name, nor…


Maybe this sky i used to stare up for hours doesn’t even exist anymore and those stars dust within my lungs never touched the moon. Yet sometimes when the memories are heavier than the air coming out of my soul, that light coming across the cracks of my room seems to me real than anything….


I am a drop

of salt

lost in

the sea …


May the peace hit your tired bones and tame the war running on the surface of your skin. By Rim Zeiny  


Tell me how I am supposed to sleep when your ghosts are haunting my dreams, dancing around the surface of my skin, leaving traces of your cigarette smoke in my head like drunken feathers in clouds of twirls praying to be shot dead. By Rim Zeiny Read more texts by this author