Chirayu Sharma (India)

This is Chirayu Sharma
Directly from the third planet called Earth on a land of infinite variety of the country called India.
“I’m a born survivor”.
I was born there was a time the doctor said that I’m going to live more, but still in the last 19yrs of a journey I’m still alive.
Coming into my life 
I’m a fiction writer with story maker and script writing, plus I’m contributed author of “Around The World” Book
Moreover I am a writer at many writing platform on Google’. 
As well a Founder of Writing world’s a community of young and establishing talent, I write what I believe in, I express myself  to aspect my imagination that is my best friend with life.
Coming to my personal life
I’m an introvert person at home, extrovert at work and ambivert at world.
Apart of writing, I am sportsperson, a club cricketer, coach for the junior level players.
I’m also a Singer and musician, but in the bathroom world where no can throw eggs or sandal on me and also I am a die heart fan of cricket and gamer world.
I am a writer, I wanted to become a cricketer, we know that everything happens to a good cause of life.
It’s better to live every moment it is, last I love being me and exploring the world through.
My bio is nothing till the day comes where everyone will know me who I’m now doing matter until where I write my destiny by own self…
“To Hide Yourself is Hiding your life”
You can hide your life, but talent is unpredictable.
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