Michelle Rojas (Mexico)

I consider myself a daydreamer, someone who desperately wishes to bring to life everything that we think doesn’t exist, like magic. I am an absolute hopeless romantic who thinks that the most valuable quality a person can have is a kind, noble, and generous heart. I have always been scared of saying the things I wanted to say to people face to face, I’m always held back for fear of what they might think. Therefore, I hide myself in watercolors, in ink, in pencil, and in paper to turn all those moments that make me run away into stories. I turn my story into something visual and tangible so that I am able to make sense of everything that surrounds me.

Writing a story or painting a picture is like writing a message in a bottle, filled with everything you’ve always been to scared to say, and throwing it into the ocean in hopes that someday someone will read it. The very essence of who I am are in my words. My name is Michelle Rojas Ortega and I’ve grown up a lot over the past few years, I am no longer afraid to tell you about who I am. I write and paint in hopes that in my stories, you’ll find yourself as well.

  • Literary style: Poetry
  • Read new texts: On Sundays every two weeks.
  • In this community since: April 2, 2017
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Twitter : @MichElaine99

Instagram : @michellerojas99


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